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April 14, 2014 / The Vine Community Church

Belize: Weeks 9 & 10

Well, week 9 was hard. And that’s all I’ll say about that!

God loves us and sent the Vine CC team to us on Saturday/Sunday, and we spent the whole week running around with them  There’s a reason people call it a church family. We already miss them all terribly!! And we got a special delivery from our blood-related family…a care package full of goodies



April 13, 2014 / The Vine Community Church


April 6, 2014 / The Vine Community Church

Why Worship God?

April 3, 2014 / The Vine Community Church

Everything We Are For Everything He Is

Too many times in our Christian walk, we are faced with decisions that MAKE us take inventory of our motives. Too many times, we choose unwisely and end up regretting the decision. We serve a mighty GOD who demands certain things from us, yet we do not return our glory to Him. We just walk around entitled and unimpressed by who He is and what He has done because we are so fixated on what we feel we need from Him in the future. Instead of allowing Him to drive the car and us sit quietly in the back seat, we have taken over the drivers seat and placed Him and His will in the Trunk. Because of this, we have manufactured for ourselves a life that has not made much difference to the Kingdom of GOD. Although this is wrong, God still longs for us to serve Him by giving Him glory and living a life of sacrifice for Him.

This means, because we are flawed, we need constant reminders of how best to do this, along with how best to propel the Gospel. That’s right, the Gospel. You know, the whole reason we are still on this earth breathing is because God wants something from us…you got it, EVERYTHING. This means everything we are, everything we have and every dream we can think up. Now, in reality, we do not like this nor do we submit. So, we walk around doing what we please and slapping a “Jesus is pleased with me” sticker on what we want God to bless or what we want others to think God blessed. What I find very interesting is that seldom God wants the exact same thing I want. So, I must submit, forfeit and allow God to work His will through me.

This brings me to my last point: Christianity. Christianity should be talked about and introduced in such a way as to make the person understand that this is the single hardest thing they will ever do.

That this decision will cost them their dreams.

That this decision will cost them their lives.

A person becoming a Christian should realize that because of this commitment, there is nothing else more pressing or more important than this relationship. Then, if they are ready to make it, we are to shape, mold and direct (disciple) them until they are ready to duplicate the process with others.

My prayer this week is that we would all look – no, search for opportunities to pray for and possibly bring someone to church in the next few weeks. I believe that a healthy church is a church where those attending invite people who are not attending, so there is a greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

Would you pray that with me?

Would you commit to walking this road with me?

Would you look into your own life and ask the hard questions?

God bless you this week.


Derek Osburn

Lead Pastor 

March 31, 2014 / The Vine Community Church

Belize: Week 8

Rachel and I decided to cap off our two months in Belize by going….(wait for it)….CAVE TUBING! We took some amazing pictures but unfortunately my water proof phone turned out to be not so water proof. You’ll just have to come down to Belize yourself to see the clear, blue water as it rushes you in and out of the magnificent Xibalba Cave!

We also spent some of our weekend talking with some local wood working artists. It’s was a real privilege to get to hear their ideas on art and experience their passion for what they do.

Lastly, and most wonderfully, Rachel and I had a date night at Amigos just as the sun set over the jungle. To Rachel’s astonishment they had ribs on the menu!


March 30, 2014 / The Vine Community Church


March 26, 2014 / The Vine Community Church

Jumping to Conclusions

Looks like the mystery has been solved……

News has come out that Malaysian Flight 370 crashed into the far reaches of the Indian Ocean.

This news comes as a relief – mainly for the families of those lost in this tragedy. It brings closure and reveals the truth of what might have actually happened.

For the past few weeks, report after report led us to believe that the flight fell victim to something evil. Terrorists, renegade pilots, rebel causes. One news site speculated that the airplane was hijacked, flown over the highly advanced radar systems of 7 separate nations, and landed possibly in Kazakhstan, to be used at a later time in a terrorist attack on the West. Yet another hypothesized that a black hole swallowed the plane.

But now, the Malaysian government says that the pilots were actually heroes. Trying to turn a damaged bird back to safety. While the rest of the world were doing their best to dramatize this event, the truth got further and further away from us.

Seems like the question is this – have we always been so quick to take an unproven, hare-brained theory, and call it truth? Why also are we prone to hear something and quickly subscribe to it? “I saw it on the Internet, so it’s gotta be true!”

This occurs in the Church as much as anywhere. We hear a catchy phrase or a potent one-liner, and somehow, slowly, it becomes “truth.” Or maybe you hear a nasty little rumor, and assume it’s the truth. I’ve been both the victim of these, AND the perpetrator, unfortunately.

So, what is truth? Tough question – one for the philosophers! Just because I think something is what it is, doesn’t necessarily make it true. Making assumptions, however, not only isn’t truth, it pushes us further away from finding truth.

Finding real truth requires an intentional search. That search requires boldness. It means that if I hear that someone did something wrong, I can’t just take someone’s inconclusive words as truth – I’ve got to seek out the truth by coming and asking – In love and no other way!

May we be a church that just can’t live anymore on hand-me-down answers, distortions of truth, rumors, or “it’s just always been done that way, so it’s gotta be true.” Let’s be a community that loves as it seeks, loves as it questions, and loves while it searches. Anything else is inconclusive!

– Billy


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